The Pros and Cons of Writing Memoir

9 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Writing Memoir”

    1. Gbolabo, while I don’t plan to publish a book about my time in Lagos, I share many of these experiences in short form in this blog. If you go to the home page, click on the links under The Nigerian Adventure. Start with Tales from Lagos and at the end of each one, I post a link to the next part of the story.


  1. Hi! Loved your article! I was wondering; what happens if I put in people’s real names in my memoir? Will some of the money I’d earn need to be given to them? If yes, even those that I don’t see in a long time but have a significant role in my book?

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    1. Hi Daniela, I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t give legal advice, and the rules are different in every country. But my understanding is that the author is paid and they don’t have to share unless they make a private agreement with the party(s) involved. So no, I think you’re okay.


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