To Be Oneself Or To Be Someone Else

10 thoughts on “To Be Oneself Or To Be Someone Else”

  1. I use a pseudonym (sort of) when publishing too, but in a slightly different way. My pseudonym is actually just my initials and my last name: D.W. McAliley. For me this wasn’t about creating an identity, so to speak, but more about trying to create a memorable moniker that readers would be able to hold onto. My last name is pretty unique… McAliley. My first name is rather normal…. David. So I wanted to draw readers’ attention to my last name to make an impression. This is a trick used by authors who have somewhat unique last names or when they’re trying to stand out (think H.G. Wells or J.D. Salinger). It also creates somewhat of an air of mystery around the author themselves as readers begin to wonder what the initials stand for.

    In this kind of market, with so many people writing so many things, it helps to find a way to make yourself stand out from the crowd. So far, it seems to have worked.

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  2. Interesting dilemma Andrea. I write my blog under another name and wonder whether this is a good thing to do. When I write my posts I try not to make it too obvious where I am in the world by not always identifying people or places. But I have come to realise three years down the track Mansfield is my community, my tribe you might even say and as you have discovered there are many stories to be told here. Maybe one day we can do coffee, Andrea!
    I like A J Barton as an author’s name. It doesn’t work so well with mine!

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    1. With social media it’s quite hard to maintain anonymity if that is the goal of a pen name. Also, such a big part of being an author is promoting your work, which is confusing while using multiple names. Much simpler to stick to one, unless you have a compelling reason, such as two completely different genres.
      I’d love to get together for a coffee. I’m only at Mansfield on weekends and the odd week here or there, but we should be able to figure it out. Maybe send me an email and we can swap details offline.


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