Christmas Book List

Are you in a mad scramble to finish your Christmas shopping? Let me take some of the sting out of it for you. For your book-lover friends, here are ten book ideas from interviews I’ve done with female authors I’ve met through various writing activities. The books vary in style, length and genre, so there should be something for everyone: contemporary or historical, memoir or fiction, romantic or gritty. Continue reading Christmas Book List

Kelli Virtanen, Mansfield Mother, Wellness Coach, Author

New Zealander Kelli Virtanen, or Kelli Vee as she is known professionally, moved to Mansfield 20 years ago and has been here ever since. In that time, besides riding the highs and lows of parenting, she has studied extensively in the wellness field and established an international business. If you have ever wondered what a healer does and how she spends her days, read on … Continue reading Kelli Virtanen, Mansfield Mother, Wellness Coach, Author

How to Help Authors Through the Covid-19 Crisis

With the boom of self-publishing, over one million new titles are released each year in the US alone. Authors strive to make their book stand out by holding book launches, book clubs, book readings and other functions. But how can they survive when these events are cancelled? Book reviews are a major way to boost their online presence. Here’s how to help your favorite authors through this crisis by taking the time to write a review. Continue reading How to Help Authors Through the Covid-19 Crisis

Alone at Mansfield

I’m a city girl, born and bred, but this year, Barto and I bought a country retreat near Mansfield, the township gateway to the Victorian high country. Our house is two and a half hours from Melbourne and a fifteen-minute drive from Mansfield—secluded, but not isolated. Perched on a hill, it overlooks Lake Eildon and … Continue reading Alone at Mansfield