Sara Adrien on Her Debut Historical Jewish Romance

Sara’s first novel is out now, the first in a trilogy of Jewish romances set in Georgian England. A law professor with several textbooks published under another name, Sara is not one to shy away from a challenge. Although she lives in a different era to her characters, many of the challenges faced by them reflect her own experience. They want to infiltrate the ton (high society in Georgian times), and they want to marry for love while maintaining their cultural heritage. Read on to hear about Sara’s motivation for writing and her key messages. Continue reading Sara Adrien on Her Debut Historical Jewish Romance

Kirsten Alexander on Riptides

After the atmospheric Half Moon Lake, Kirsten Alexander is back with Riptides, a novel that explores actions and consequences, and how personal deeds can have ramifications at a far greater level. Although this is her second published book, she actually wrote it first. In this interview, she shares the steps that led to its publication as well, insights to her writing process and thoughts about learning from the past. Continue reading Kirsten Alexander on Riptides

Christmas Book List 2019

Are you in a mad scramble to finish your Christmas shopping? Let me take some of the sting out of it for you. For your book-lover friends, here are ten book ideas from interviews I’ve done with female authors I’ve met through various writing activities. The books vary in style, length and genre, so there should be something for everyone: contemporary or historical, memoir or fiction, romantic or gritty. Continue reading Christmas Book List 2019