Social Distancing the Melbourne Way

10 thoughts on “Social Distancing the Melbourne Way”

  1. As the admin of a community noticeboard on Facebook, I am working overtime managing the quarrelling, blaming, misinformation and small-mindedness that has surged to the surface over the last 6 months. But recently, the odd gem pops up – an offer of free firewood for elderly; ideas to stay involved while isolated; kind words and some great humour which makes it easier.

    Personally, I am shattered for small businesses and all the staff who are losing shifts – uni students and parents of young children for example. After driving 10 hours for a music festival that was cancelled the next morning, I grieve for all the arts events that are gone. And I worry greatly for the vulnerable – my 85 year old father is moving in with me soon – how do I keep him safe?

    Let’s all do our bit and get over this dreadful time as soon as we can.

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  2. Interesting article Andrea. I am really concerned about people’s mental health and the knock-on effect this current crisis is having on so many. Like Sue, I am concerned about the impact on our community especially after the impact of the bushfires on businesses and the social isolation of those who are disadvantaged and rely on local services. If there has ever been a time to show kindness and compassion to others, it is now. I count my blessings that I live in a beautiful part of the world surrounded by several acres of farmland and feel for those who are in lockdown or self-isolation.

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      1. They are delicious! Arnotts is the brand, which is Australian, so you would only find the in import stores. When we lived in the US we found them, but I can’t remember the name of the store. Check online.

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