Louise Ross on Documenting the Expatriate and Immigrant Journey

Australian Louise Ross has lived abroad since the mid ‘80s and her current home is Portugal. Her book, Women Who Walk, shares interviews with 20 expatriate and immigrant women, about what led them to Portugal. The sequel, The Winding Road to Portugal shares interviews with 20 men. Read on to learn why Louise moved, what she has learnt through compiling these interviews and her future plans. Continue reading Louise Ross on Documenting the Expatriate and Immigrant Journey

Alexandra Paucescu, a Diplomatic Spouse

More than a decade ago, Alexandra was whisked away from her management role in Romania to go to Austria for her husband’s job as a diplomat. Abroad as a diplomatic spouse, she has volunteered for various not for profit organisations, and this year, she published a book to share her experiences. Read on to hear more about her unique lifestyle – the diplomatic life is not always as glamorous as it sounds. Continue reading Alexandra Paucescu, a Diplomatic Spouse

Collaborating With Children

In my last blog about Houston, I explained how I came to be co-directing a production for my children’s school. I was uniquely unqualified for this role. Sure, I’d written and co-directed shows before, but I’d never worked with children. I wasn’t a teacher. I hadn’t even coached a sports team. The closest I’d come to any sort of kids group facilitation was being a cub scout leader when I lived in Lagos. Continue reading Collaborating With Children