Yasmin A. McClinton on Being a Sensitivity Reader

Yasmin is a talented editor, writer and English teacher who recently won the Sisters in Crime Eleanor Taylor Bland award for her unpublished novel. One of her areas of expertise is sensitivity reading, a field of growing importance as authors become more aware of their responsibilities when they write minority characters. Join us for a discussion about appropriation, agency and author intent. Continue reading Yasmin A. McClinton on Being a Sensitivity Reader

Kirsten Alexander on Riptides

After the atmospheric Half Moon Lake, Kirsten Alexander is back with Riptides, a novel that explores actions and consequences, and how personal deeds can have ramifications at a far greater level. Although this is her second published book, she actually wrote it first. In this interview, she shares the steps that led to its publication as well, insights to her writing process and thoughts about learning from the past. Continue reading Kirsten Alexander on Riptides