About The Cellist Stalker

4 thoughts on “About The Cellist Stalker”

  1. I love your short story. Will there be a sequel?

    Do you still play the violin? Given your love of music, do your children play an instrument?

    I have various instruments at home – the viola, trumpet, clarinet, guitar, piano (I gave the drums away!). I hope one day my kids will play them again. Not that I can play anything but the recorder. Still …

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    1. I haven’t planned a sequel, but who knows…
      I don’t play anymore. My true love is dance, but for a whole raft of reasons, I don’t dance anymore either. Now, I feed my creativity into dance.
      My younger son started studying music at university (classical percussion – yes drums!) but he realized to succeed at music, you have to give it 110%, and he had other interests and wasn’t dedicated enough, so he’s changed courses and is now doing computer science! Funny how life plays out.


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