Show Day, Music & Dance on the Lagoon

5 thoughts on “Show Day, Music & Dance on the Lagoon”

  1. Jo

    I tried to comment via the connection provided but it would not work for me. I had forgotten that you had been in the nerve racking role of producer and writer of the shows and it is an exhausting job. I could feel the anxiety through your words and I was reminded of the times I have put on shows. My heart was in my mouth reading your descrliption.

    Are you around next week for a cuppa?


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  2. How much I would have loved to have been in Lagos to see this show. I felt your nerves and anticipation throughout your writing, as well as the joy of accomplishment at the end. Congratulations. Lovely for you to have added some photos. I was pleased to recognize Buddy and Ice and the beautiful setting.

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