Raolee on Writing About Sickle Cell

Tanwa is a picture book about a five-year-old girl living with sickle cell. Raolee is uniquely placed to write this book as she is a sickle cell gladiator and an educator – she has a doctorate degree in educational leadership and management as well as 20 years in the classroom. With a passion for helping others affected by this disease, Rao is open about her own struggles with it. Continue reading Raolee on Writing About Sickle Cell

Sara Adrien on Her Debut Historical Jewish Romance

Sara’s first novel is out now, the first in a trilogy of Jewish romances set in Georgian England. A law professor with several textbooks published under another name, Sara is not one to shy away from a challenge. Although she lives in a different era to her characters, many of the challenges faced by them reflect her own experience. They want to infiltrate the ton (high society in Georgian times), and they want to marry for love while maintaining their cultural heritage. Read on to hear about Sara’s motivation for writing and her key messages. Continue reading Sara Adrien on Her Debut Historical Jewish Romance

Christmas Book List 2021

In this year’s Christmas list, I’m sharing 15 incredible books from the authors I’ve interviewed throughout the year representing diverse talent from around the globe – Romania, Portugal, Australia, Dubai, Moldova, UK, NZ and USA. From poetry to thrillers, from romcoms to memoir, there’s something here for even the most difficult person to buy for! There’s even an adorable adventure for children. Continue reading Christmas Book List 2021