Susan Bradfield, From Physiotherapist to Photographer

To mix things up a bit, I have planned a series of interviews with people I admire—individuals who by changing career path or country, have their own winding narrative. Today, I feature Susan Bradfield, who has transitioned from physiotherapist to photographer and has lived in Melbourne, London, Shanghai and Zurich. Her approach to finding and … Continue reading Susan Bradfield, From Physiotherapist to Photographer

Tales from Lagos

(Photo : This is one of my original Lagos “blogs” (sent via email) back in 2004) The concept for Nigerian Gems, Expatriate Tales of Adventure was simple—to create a snapshot of our Lagos experience through stories, snippets and photos. Many expats had already written emails or blogs about quirky moments, outrageous anecdotes or insightful observations. … Continue reading Tales from Lagos

Sunrise Court

Our decision to move to Nigeria (back in 2004) felt like stepping off a cliff. We wrote a pros and cons list and mulled it over ad nauseam. Many of our Melbourne friends and family were aghast, especially as Brutus and Maximus were only five and three years old. By contrast, my boss at the … Continue reading Sunrise Court

29 Brown St

There was The Wolf of Wall Street, A Nightmare on Elm Street and a Miracle on 42nd Street. Even Desperate Housewives had Wisteria Lane. Not me, I gave my first novel the woebegone title 29 Brown Street. The book explored the impact of place—a specific address—on the central characters … Set in Melbourne, Australia, in 2002, 29 … Continue reading 29 Brown St