Barb Grant’s Tough Transition to Mansfield

12 thoughts on “Barb Grant’s Tough Transition to Mansfield”

  1. Thank you for sharing your story Barb, it is no easy thing to do. But I applaud your grit and determination to make your experiences count towards a happier and more fulfilled life. We may all have different journeys but we share many of the same challenges. I hope our paths may cross one day soon! Now back to my short story assignment which is due tomorrow!

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  2. Barb I really resonated with your story. I think your an amazing woman for putting this out there. You have raised so much in your narrative, grief, loss, loneliness, isolation, fear, alcohol, and wellbeing. There’s also determination, resilience, self care, compassion and observance. Good on you, wishing you all the best.

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  3. Barb,
    How amazing you are to publicly share all this. I could never do what you have done here. We moved recently to Mansfield with much happiness and excited joy. We have found the community extremely welcoming, but that might be because we went to the Anglican Church and they embraced us. We came from a pretty horrible situation that is still ongoing, but this area with its natural beauty and wonderful people have lessened the stress of that.

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    1. Thanks, Sue. Yes, it really is a lovely community and honestly, my only regret is not getting about fixing things earlier! I hope each day continues to leave your situation further behind you and maybe even one little thing that I learned helps keep it behind you. Thanks again. Barb

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