Baby Steps

27 thoughts on “Baby Steps”

  1. Andrea, you’ve been on my mind lately. You’ve come a very long, very creative way since your first writing! And you’re so close to getting your wonderful novels published. I’m cheering you on!!


  2. That was very interesting to read Andrea, and, congratulations on what you have achieved over the past 19 years. Two beautiful sons and wonderful life learning experiences with your travels and adventures during that time. Keep positive and putting pen to paper, eventually your dreams will realise. Much ahead for you with your family and interests. 😘


  3. Enjoyed!! Can’t wait for the next entry! Inspirational even as it relates to us who don’t know what we will do next. I am inspired to read more! A goal I have had for years but find myself too busy with life and other passions. I will pick another book hoping it snags me. Looking forward to picking up another one of yours! Keep writing!!


  4. Enjoyed your first blog post and am looking forward to the next one. I have also always enjoyed your writing and admire your talent and persistence. I appreciate you sharing this passion with us. I for one have been lucky to receive your positive direction and encouragement in my own writing. I am positive that you will be published one day soon. Cannot believe your first born is 19!


  5. I love your writing! I can’t wait to meet Tara Wells and read all about her expat adventures. Keep up the good work. And add an RSS feed so I can keep abreast of your new posts!

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